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Tips for Choosing a suitable Front Door

The Front door is very important as it gives visitors the first impression of you home. Its color, the materials used to make it, its size, and many other factors play a very crucial role in giving the first impression. If you are building a new home or you are renovating your current one and you have to replace or install new doors, it is better to choose a door that reflects more on your personality.

Here are some tips for choosing a suitable front door.

1.    First you have to consider the level of privacy you need.- Home owners normally have to determine the level of privacy they want in their homes by choosing the right material for their front doors. Glass can also offer privacy especially the stained or frosted glass designs. Those on a tight budget can always visit stores like the Home Depot who offer a wide range of stained glass options that allows light in but prevents people from looking into your home. People with gated homes that are off the street may prefer glass doors as they are easy to break into.

2.    Secondly you have to consider the Level of Security you want.- Doors are made of a wide range of materials including wood, steel, and glass. Wooden doors are strong but they can easily be broken by an ax. If you wish to protect your high value property, then doors made using insulated aluminum or steel are the best options for you.  But if you prefer other types of doors, you can always install security cameras above the door for added protection and also to identify people knocking on your door.

3.    In case you are replacing your worn out door in an old home, it is wise to replace the door frame as well. Many home owners prefer wooden doors and frames as they are attractive, however with time they tend to rot. The door frame may also be destroyed if the house’s foundation shifts during minor earthquakes. When you try to install a new door on an old frame it may not fit and you may have to trim the door. This will affect the stability of the door so the best thing to do is to buy a new door frame. It also ensures that there are no cracks or air leaks around the door.

4.    Another important decision is to decide if the door should open in or open out. All public building have doors that open out in case of any emergency. This is because it is impossible to open a door in when people flock around it. The hinges normally sit on the side that the door opens; if outside then the door opens outside and vice versa. For residential buildings it is better to have the door opening in for the sake of security. Doors that open outwards could easily be unhinged from outside and allow someone to access your home.

5.    Finally we have the aspect of personality. As a home owner it is important to choose an front exterior door that represents the personality of your home. For instance Churches have very unique and huge doors. There are many unique types of doors to choose from. The best materials that can easily be crafted into unique doors include; steel, bronze, and wood. Wood can easily be carved into any design you wish and can also incorporate glass. The door hinges can also be selected to match the doors design. Doorknockers also play a part in making the door look stylish. You can easily purchase one on e-Bay.
Painting your door can also make it look attractive and new. A brightly colored door helps it stand out regardless of what material it is made of. Remember that the front door gives the first impression of your home.